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Introduction -- How do we explain Trump's paradoxical yet electorally successful use of a false U.S.-Mexico narrative? / Raul Hinojosa, Edward Telles -- What were the paradoxical consequences of militarizing the border with Mexico? / Douglas S. Massey -- How did we get to the current Mexico-U.S. migration system and how might it look in the near future? / Silvia E. Giorgiuli, Claudia Masferrer, Victor M. Garcia-Griego -- Recession vs. removals : Which finished Mexican unauthorized migration? / René Zenteno, Roberto Suro -- How is the health of the Mexican-origin population on both sides of the border affected by policies and attitudes in the United States? / Fernando Riosmena, Hiram Beltran-Sanchez, Megan Reynolds, Justin Vinneau -- What shall be the future for the children of migration? : LASANTI and the educational imperative / Patricia Gándara, Gary Orfield -- What are the policy implications of declining unauthorized immigration from Mexico? / Pia M. Orrenius, Madeline Zavodny -- How does Mexican migration affect the U.S. labor market? / Frank D. Bean, Susan K. Brown, James D. Bachmeier -- Before and after NAFTA : How are trade and migration policies changing? / Raul Hinojosa-Ojeda, Sherman Robinson, Karen Thierfelder -- What is the relationship between U.S.-Mexico migration and trade in agriculture? / Antonio Yunez-Naude, Jorge Mora-Rivera, Yatziry Govea-Vargas -- Is complementarity sustainable in the U.S.-Mexico automotive sector? / Jorge Carrillo -- What policies make sense in a U.S.-Mexico trade deal? / Robert A. Blecker, Juan Carlos Moreno-Brid, Isabel Salat -- What is the historical and political context for Trump's nativist appeal? / David Montejano -- How have new Mexico-United States relations affected Mexican nationalism? / Regina Martinez Casas, Rafael Elias López Arrellano -- What are the social consequences of immigrant scapegoating by political elites? / René D. Flores -- How do Latinos respond to anti-immigrant politics? /Gary Segura, Matt Barreto, Angie Gutierrez -- Anti-Immigrant backlash : Is there a path forward? / Zoltan Hajnal.

Author : Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda

Publisher : Univ of California Press

Published : 2021

ISBN-10 : 0520302567

ISBN-13 : 9780520302563

Number of Pages : 374 Pages

Language : en


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