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In the midst of a technological age, a strange and menacing phenomenon rains upon the Earth, changing people into mindless savages. While governments around the globe unite to combat this spreading infection, airships of the 1930’s are redesigned and reintroduced to the world. Because of the vessel’s size and its capability to stay airborne for weeks at a time, it is regarded as the next innovation for cruise ship/vacation travel industries, while environmentalists envision it as a solution to the world’s overpopulation problem. The windship proves its worth when the stricken become organized and rise up against the world. It is then; the windship becomes a reckoning force and Earth’s only hope for survival.

Author : Donald K. Pendleton

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

Published : 2009-02-05

ISBN-10 : 1450069975

ISBN-13 : 9781450069977

Number of Pages : 200 Pages

Language : en


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