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The rising influence of non-state actors in the management of international relations reflects both the increasing importance of economic affairs in a rapidly integrating and financially interdependent world, and the emergence of so-called "new issues" that have to be factored into any foreign policy: the promotion of human rights and democracy, humanitarian concerns, drug abuse and trafficking, the spread of contagious diseases including HIV/AIDS, transnational crime, the safeguarding of the environment, poverty, the combating of terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, illegal weapons trafficking, and issues surrounding gender equality. Security Intersection offers an analysis of the policy options we might employ in providing and managing local, regional and global security, and examines the security issues involved in nation-building (especially with regard to Iraq, but also concerning intervention elsewhere) and security issues with regard to terrorism.

Author : Greg Mills

Publisher : Wits University Press

Published : 2005

ISBN-10 : 1868144127

ISBN-13 : 9781868144129

Number of Pages : 321 Pages

Language : en


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