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“Connecting Paradigms of Motor Behaviour to Sport and Physical Education” presents recent articles that examine theoretical and empirical research on the learning and teaching of motor skills. The development of the book is based on the effect of synergism – a phenomenon whereby the cooperative interaction of multiple psychological, pedagogical, and biological ideas, drawn from the systemic model, produces an outcome that is superior to that which could be expected from knowledge derived from the independent contributions of these disciplines.For students, researchers and teachers working in the fields of sports and physical education, this book should promote a deeper understanding of previous knowledge, and provide exposure to ideas that frame new perspectives related to the acquisition of skills and motor learning.

Author : Airi Värnik, Merike Sisask, Peeter Värnik

Publisher : Tallinn University Press / Tallinna Ülikooli Kirjastus

Published : 2010

ISBN-10 : 9985587022

ISBN-13 : 9789985587027

Number of Pages : 62 Pages

Language : en


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