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"-The time gives it proofe-: Paradox in the Late Music of Beethoven" presents a fresh approach to the study of musical meaning in the complex works of Beethoven's last decade. Several compositions, including the String Quartets Opp. 132 and 130, are examined in terms of a multidisciplinary critical framework that draws on concepts of paradox derived from the fields of myth and literature. This analysis of musical paradox in the selected works of Beethoven provides an effective means of interpreting the many apparently contradictory aspects of this repertoire, and serves as a useful model for the future analyses of narrative design and expressive structure in nineteenth-century music."

Author : Sylvia Imeson

Publisher : Peter Lang

Published : 1996

ISBN-10 : 0820430293

ISBN-13 : 9780820430294

Number of Pages : 240 Pages

Language : en


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